KVH mini-VSAT HTS broadband

Overview of the mini-VSAT HTS vessel broadband system

  • Small antennas with multimegabit speeds
  • One-day installation, and fast, easy “plug and play” activations
  • Speed and performance of next-generation networks now, years sooner than competing Ka-band maritime networks.
  • Global coverage with seamless roaming worldwide and redundancy in most regions
  • Metered rate plans 1/10 the cost of FleetBroadband with low commitment plans starting at $49/month for 50MB of service
  • Fixed rate, speed based plans with high-quality, low cost VoIP service, for fixed SATCOM budgets


mini-VSAT Broadband’s innovative technology delivers data downloads as fast as 20 Mbps!

  • More efficient file delivery
  • Superior network for running applications
  • Better access to navigation & route planning for vessel officers
  • Cost savings for ship operation


One unified C/Ku-band network delivers unmatched global service, covering 95% of Earth

World’s first global integrated C/Ku-band VSAT network provides:

  • Connectivity while transiting all world shipping lanes
  • Global coverage with seamless roaming worldwide and redundancy in most regions
  • Robust, fault-tolerant solution for ship’s business operations
  • Worldwide regulatory authority to operate offshore and in port in more than 125 countries

Redefining satellite communications, the network provides:

  • Fully fielded Ku-band coverage with proven 99.5% reliability, and data rates as fast as 20 Mbps
  • Ku-band priority with fallback to C-band, powered by 14 Ku-band transponders and 3 C-band transponders
  • C-band’s superior performance in rain and adverse weather conditions
  • Worldwide Ku-band coverage within the 200km regulatory limit for C-band service

mini-VSAT Broadband is a global, next-generation solution today:

  • Core Ku-band coverage areas include northern hemisphere, Southeast Asia, Indian Ocean region, Africa, South America, Australia, New Zealand
  • C-band overlay covers the globe except extreme polar regions
  • When moving among regions, the network’s consistent configuration means no changes are required in hardware, modem, or software


KVH manufactures the hardware

  • KVH’s TracPhone antennas are award-winning systems using breakthrough technology
  • Choice of TracPhone V3IP HTS, V7IP HTS or V11 HTS terminals to meet every vessel’s needs and applications; terminals built specifically for the mini-VSAT Broadband network
  • KVH has fielded over 150,000 antenna systems worldwide

KVH operates the satellite network

  • KVH partnered with a market leaders Intelsat and ViaSat, to build a truly global C/Ku-band network, with advanced spread spectrum technology and 99.5% uptime
  • mini-VSAT Broadband’s 24/7 active network monitoring ensures fastest data speeds

KVH manages the service

  • KVH offers flexible airtime options and agile all inclusive plans
  • Exclusive Network Manager delivers total onboard control
  • Traffic prioritisation ensures high-quality service

KVH provides 24/7/365 support

  • KVH’s round-the-clock support centre is connected to a global field support team, for rapid resolution of airtime service and network connectivity issues
  • Remote support and system monitoring capabilities assure optimal performance of KVH’s complete end-to-end solution

Click here to download the full KVH mini-VSAT brochure (Adobe PDF 8MB)

Airtime + Hardware + Maintenance = KVH Agile

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