mini-VSAT V3 “more for less”



KVH TracPhone V3 – “Get more for less!” Bundle promotion

A TracPhone V3 system ($16,995 RRP) & a M1000 mini-VSAT Broadband airtime contract (1 GB/month; value $999/month) for only $999 per month.

Promotion Extended

The TracPhone V3 with an M1000 Airtime Plan offers:

  • A monthly allotment of 1,000 MB of broadband data
  • Download speeds as fast as 2 Mbps
  • Voice calls to/from the vessel to land lines and cell phones worldwide for only $0.49/minute
  • Low overage charge of $0.99/MB for any data usage over the monthly allotment
  • Worldwide seamless roaming
  • An easy to install, end-to-end SATCOM solution

It’s easy to take advantage of this opportunity. Here’s how it works:

  1. Get in contact with us and ask for the TracPhone V3 “Get More for Less!” promotion.
  2. Submit the required paperwork for the promotion which consists of:
  3. Completed KVH Master Lease Agreement for the TracPhone V3 with a 36-month term.
  4. Completed TracPhone V3 Service Activation Form for a M1000 plan with a 36-month (3-year) contract term. Enter promotional code: “1GBbundle” in the Promotional Code field to qualify for the $500/month promotional price for the M1000 plan.3 Monthly overage will be billed at $0.99/MB.
  5. We will submit your paperwork to KVH for processing. Upon lease approval, you will receive the TracPhone V3 and airtime at the promotional rate.

Offer is structured as a 36-month TracPhone V3 hardware lease with a 36-month TracPhone V3 M1000 airtime contract.
Billed at 36-month lease price of $499/month with a $1.00 USD buyout at the end of the lease term. Rate does not include installation.
Billed at the $500/month promotional price for the M1000 plan for the 3-year term.
Void where prohibited. KVH retains the right to change the terms and conditions of this offer without notice.